Regulations of Provencal Tunes

Booking accommodation means full acceptance of the regulations


To provide safe and comfortable stay for the Provençal Tunes visitors, we kindly ask you to read the regulations below. Reservation of the cottage means an entire acceptance of the regulations. In case of any doubt, contact us, please.


1.  The rent fee is collected in advance, on the first day of your stay.

2.  In case of shortening the stay, the fee will not be returned.

3.  The hotel 24h starts at 4:00 p.m. and ends at 10.00.a.m.

4.  The cottage is made available and returned in the owner’s presence.

5.  A local fee (climate fee) is added to the cost of the cottage rent. The cost of consumed electric energy and water – according to the meters. In addition, at the guest’s option, it is possible to use woods for the fireplace.

6. The guests are obliged to present their ID cards for registration purposes. The guest is registered on the basis of a document which confirms his/her identity (ID card, driving license, passport, visa, student’s card – it must be a document with a photography (Act of law of 10.04.1974 on registration of population and ID cards (Off. J. of 2001 no 87, item 960).

7. The deposit paid after reservation (within 2 days after making preliminary reservation) in the amount of 20% of the total cost of rent remains as a security to cover the costs of possible devastation and costs of energy and water consumption.

8. We provide services in conformity with our category. In case of any objections or claims referring to the quality of our services, the guest is requested to report them on the date of his/her registration; the claims lodged on the date of leaving the cottage will not be considered. Let be informed that we are not liable for any inconveniences caused by reasons we cannot be responsible for e.g. breaks in energy/water  provision.

9. The guests assume liability for any kind of damages or destruction of elements of the cottage equipment and technical appliances which were caused by their fault or fault of the guests’ visitors. (All the defects arising out of the cottage use should be reported on current basis).

10.  It is forbidden to smoke in the cottages. Use ashtrays outside the facility.

11. Taking into account the wooden construction of the cottages the fire-fighting regulations must be observed. It is forbidden to leave open fire without supervision (furnace). It is forbidden to use other electric appliances for heating (apart from the heaters having been installed in the cottage) and any other devices which can cause a risk of fire. (ATTENTION! Do not put anything, including clothes, on the heaters.)

12. The owner of the cottages does not assume liability for leaving precious things and money inside the cottage.

13.  Parking the vehicles is allowed only in the places shown by the owner. The parking space is unattended and free of charge. The owner does not assume liability for any damage or loss of a motor vehicle owned by the guest, including the things left inside the vehicle.

14. The owner or a person authorized by the owner has the right to remove the guests before expiration of the term in case they infringe the rules of social coexistence and safety or the rules of order and peace. This removal is possible after the second warning about the consequences of improper and hazardous conduct. In this case the payment for rent will not be returned.

15. The cottage may be inhabited by such a number of persons as it is designed for (including children). A bigger number of guests may stay in the cottage exclusively under the Lessor’s consent, after paying an additional charge.

16. The owner makes the playground available for children (sandpit, swing, ladders), however, he does not assume any liability for safety and health of the playground users. The total liability is assumed by the parents or legal guardians of the children.

17.  We reserve the right to refuse to accommodate the following persons:

–   persons intoxicated with alcohol or drugs,

–  aggressive persons who are generally deemed to be foul-mouthed.

18. The night silence is obligatory from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00. a.m. on the area of Provençal Tunes. During the night hours you are requested to close the gate.

19. Please segregate the garbage. There are containers for glass (green basket), plastic and metal (blue basket), paper (blue basket), mixed waste and waste BIO (black baskets) on the property.

20. The BBQ users are obliged to leave the place clean after completion of their party (keep BBQ stand outside of pavement). The coal is not provided.

21. There is a total ban on pitching tents on the plot.

22. Guests are financially responsible for all damage, damage and lost property.

23. The fee for lost the keys is 100 PLN.

24. Guests stay with pets only after prior arrangement with the owner.


The moment the guest rents the cottage he/she accepts the terms and conditions included in the Regulations.


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